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Systemy wytwarzania dwutlenku chloru Bello Zon® CDKc

Systemy wytwarzania dwutlenku chloru Bello Zon® CDKc

Complete chlorine dioxide systems Bello Zon® CDVc, wired ready for connection, are used for the production, metering and monitoring of 20 to 2,000 g/h of chlorine dioxide with diluted base chemicals. A completely newly developed reactor concept ensures the innovative production and metering of chlorine dioxide.

Instead of the PVC hitherto used in the industry, PVDF is used for the first time. This results in higher operating safety and a better purity of the generated chlorine dioxide. All status messages and measured values are documented in the integrated data logger and visualised in the clear colour display via the screen recorder.

The stroke lengths of the latest generation of ProMinent metering pumps are monitored online. Hazardous operating statuses owing to incorrect operation of stroke length adjustment of the pumps can thus be avoided.

Using the embedded web server, the user interface can be called up remotely including all of the values and messages shown on the display. All that is needed to view this is a browser, with no need for further software.


  • Efficient operation thanks to the production, metering, and monitoring of ClO2 with only one system
  • Maximum operating safety and purity of the ClO2 generated with PVDF reactors
  • Maximum operating safety thanks to stroke length-monitored pumps
  • Perfect quality management thanks to integrated storage of all operating parameters and measured values
  • Automatic monitoring of operating parameters and maintenance dates
  • Easy and safe operation thanks to clear menu navigation in plain text


  • 170-7,500 g/h of ClO2 (DVGW guidelines W 224 and W 624)
  • PVDF reactor
  • Stroke length monitoring for metering pumps
  • Control with large colour display, integrated data logger and screen recorder
  • Measurement, documentation, and visualisation of ClO2 and chlorite or redox potential


  • Municipal drinking water and waste water plants
  • Industry (cooling tower, waste / process water, etc.) 

Technical Data


Chlorine dioxide dosing capacity*


Chlorine dioxide dosing capacity*


Max. operating



H x W x D




CDKc 170 9-170 56 8 10-40 1384x1080x325 55
CDKc 420 21-420 140 8 10-40 1700x1100x450 80
CDKc 900 45-900 300  8 10-40 2000x1130x510 95
CDKc 2100 105-2100 700  5 10-40 2000x1320x550 160
CDKc 3000 150-3000 700  5 15-40 2000x1320x550 160
CDKc 7500 375-7500 1750  15-40 2300x1500x560 175

* The metering figures refer to 5 bar backpressure and an ambient temperature of 20 °C. The minimum capacity/hour is based on the fact that when the plant is operating at below 5 % of the nominal capacity, continuous metering is no longer possible because of the then low pumping frequency of the metering pumps. When plants are not operating continuously, the reactor content must be changed at least twice a day. The stated minimum capacity/day should thus not be undershot.

** without bypass pump, flushing valve and water supply line