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ECA Water System Dulco®Lyse

ECA Water System Dulco®Lyse


*Use of ECA water
in bottler sprayin

Generally referred to as ECA water, hypochlorous acid is increasingly used in the food industry and drinks industry as a disinfectant. ProMaqua has developed an effective electrolysis process for the production of smart disinfectant ECA water: the Dulco®Lyse.

An on-site system, it produces an inexpensive disinfectant from water, table salt and electricity called hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which has a very low chloride content . It can be used to efficiently, sustainably and environmentally disinfect machines and systems. It effectively disinfects process water and production systems. At the same time, it prevents the formation of biofilms.

ECA (electrochemically activated) water produced with Dulco®Lyse ensures:

  • Environmentally friendly, highly effective disinfection
  • No corrosion thanks to extremely low chlorine content
  • Economical production on-site from water and table salt
  • Long-term freedom from germs, without the need to transport, store and handle highly concentrated chemicals 
  • Additional use of on-site produced sodium hydroxide solution
  • Minimum water treatment prior to electrolysis


The systems are controlled by a modern PLC with a large, illuminated display and integrated modem for
remote diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Advantages of the Dulco®Lyse system for the production and provosion of pure, low-chlorine ECA water:

  • Handling of chemicals is reduced (only sodium chloride is required)
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Economic operation thanks to usw of inexpensive sodium chloride as a raw material
  • Control of the system with an integrated modem for remote diagnostics

Advantages of Smart Disinfection using Dulco®Lyse compared with ECA water produced using conventional processes

Dulco®Lyse Conventional processes
Low chloride content:
Minimal risk of corrosion
High chloride content:
High risk of corrosion

Minimum chloride / chlorine ratio:
< 1 

Very high chloride / chlorine ratio:
up to 19  
High output:
Minimal salt costs
Low output:
High salt costs 
Minimal need for treated product water:
Minimal expenditure for water conditioning 
High requirement for treated product water:
High cost of water conditioning 




  Type/ Output

ECA-production at 400 ppm

No. of cells

Power uptake

H x W x D

Salt solution tank volume

Dulco®Lyse 100 100 250 1 230V/50Hz 1.95 2.100x1.200x600 130         ´
Dulco®Lyse 200 200 500 2 230V/50Hz 2.55 2.100x1.200x600 200
Dulco®Lyse 300 300 750 3 230V/50Hz 3.15 2.100x1.200x600 200