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OZONFILT® OZMa Ozone Plant

OZONFILT® OZMa Ozone Plant

The ozone generating system OZONFILT®OZMa guarantees maximum operational safety and reliability at minimum operating costs. Depending on the version, the system produces ozone from compressed air or oxygen at a rate of 70 to 735 g per hour. Electronic power circuitry ensures a reproducible ozone quantity independent of power supply and pressure fluctuations.

The electronics additionally provides full protection for all electrical components. The new design of the ozone generator and the use of dielectric with high thermal conductivity guarantee low energy and cooling water consumption in a compact unit.

A self-regulating variable pressure drying system reduces the compressed air consumption to a minimum.Operation with a backpressure of up to 2 bar allows the ozone to be added directly to the water, thus rendering additional pressure booster pumps, injectors and similar unnecessary in many installations.

A DULCOTEST® ozone measuring cell can be connected directly to the PLC with integrated measurement and control facilities to effectively monitor the ozone added to the water and to directly control the ozone output.


  • Simple installation thanks to compact design
  • Low compressed air consumption owing to dynamic variable pressure drying with low primary pressure (air systems)
  • Minimum energy and cooling water consumption ensured by new, maintenance free generator concept
  • Automatic ozone generation largely independent of voltage and pressure - fluctuations
  • High tolerance to influences from installation environment


  • Infinitely variable adjustment of required ozone quantity between 3 and 100 % of
    rated output, ozone output shown in g/h
  • PLC with integrated ozone measurement and control
  • 5.7˝ - touch panel with data logger and screen recorder
  • Multiple communication interfaces (*e.g. LAN, Profibus DP, ISDN, GSM
  • Straightforward integration of customerspecific control requirements
  • Single-phase voltage supply


  • Swimming pool water treatment
  • Municipal drinking water treatment
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Industrial process and cooling water