Sensors for Peracetic Acid Measurement

Sensors for Peracetic Acid Measurement

In order to match your requirements in online measurement of peracetic acid, we are offering our product line " DULCOTEST® PAA Sensors", which consists of one sensor class including two types for different measuring ranges.

Following requirements are fulfilled:

  • No cross sensitivity in presence of hydrogen peroxide
  • No damage of the sensor membrane in presence of cationic and anionic surfactants
  • Application  in CIP (Cleaning in Place) and rinser (beverage) possible: Temperature up to 45°C, pressure up to 3 bar (30°C)
  • Two measuring ranges available:
  • Type PAA 1-mA-200ppm: 0-200 ppm
  • Type PAA 1-mA-2000ppm: 0-2000 ppm

Following advantages are given by the features of the sensors:

  • Efficient process control by accurate, real time (short response time) amperometric measurement
  • Enhancement of process safety by reliable measurement: no disturbance by turbidity or colour enabled by the amperometric principle; no drifts of sensors by stable zero-point; no disturbance by temperature influence, enabled by either integrated or rapid external temperature correction of the signal (selectable); reduced dependency on sample flow and on cross sensitivities by chemicals enabled by membrane covered electrodes
  • Rapid commissioning, enabled by short run in time
  • Long term life time, enabled by stabilized electrochemical conditions, reduce process dead time and expenses for maintenance: membrane separates electrodes from process conditions; electrolyte defines constant electrochemical conditions
  • Simple and low cost maintenance by changing the membrane cap
  • Short delivery time enables sensor replacement just in time
  • Service for OEM-Partners: special versions and separate label available

Detailed information of the sensors for download here ("details peracetic acid sensors")

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