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Kompleksowe rozwiązania dla przemysłu napojów.

Kompleksowe rozwiązania dla przemysłu napojów.

Przemysł napojów jest dziedziną, która stawia szczególnie wysokie wymagania w zakresie higieny i stosowanych technologii. Nienaganna higiena jest warunkiem utrzymania wysokiej jakości i trwałości produktów, czy to piwa, napojów bezalkoholowych, wód mineralnych, soków owocowych czy też wszystkich rodzajów win i win musujących.

ProMinent is one of the leading specialists in the areas of in-house water management, destruction of bacteria, disinfection and measurement, control and dosing of chemical fluids. As a competent partner in this industry, we find solutions for our customers that are suitable in practice for almost all applications in the areas of beverage production and filling.

Based on our extensive choice of products and many years of experience in the beverage industry, we offer systems and solutions from one source for exact and reproducible dosing systems as well as hygiene applications in the entire production and filling area. 

Customers from the beverage industry know ProMinent as a reliable partner providing products with particularly long lifetimes with subsequent considerable savings on maintenance. As a result of putting our ideas into practice investment is usually amortized very quickly.
In the course of progressive data networking, communication with available equipment and production machines is a requirement for logical integration into existing processes.  This is made possible by direct bus connections of our pumps and controllers to central control systems.

Besides the familiar stand-alone solutions, ProMinent offers complete solutions for many applications in the beverage industry, which include not only the usual installation and start up package, but also regular maintenance.

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